Adele Vydra Massage Therapist

Therapeutic massage

The principles and aims of a therapeutic massage program are directed towards total personal satisfaction for each individual. It is a participatory exchange between the masseuse and client.

During the initial interview, your personal requirements are discussed in order to determine what method of therapeutic massage is most suited to your needs. This private assessment with Ms. Vydra provides an opportunity for both parties to openly discuss the ideal massage program.


A regular therapeutic massage program promotes the release of all physical and psychological tensions. This in turn allows a regulated balance of energy to flow through the body, draining it of "toxic buildup" and ensuring a constant supply of energy to your system. Business men and women in particular under daily stress need to clear the mind and body of these damaging effects.

Ms. Vydra's close attention and understanding of these bodily needs allows for an immediate and beneficial response from the client. The technique of "inner observation" is unlike any other known massage program. Individuals and couples alike are able to derive the maximum benefits from these programs.

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