Adele Vydra Massage Therapist

Thanks to Adele’s refreshing and relaxing massage sessions, many people from all creeds and conditions have been able to restore a sense of balance and happiness in their lives. Following are a few of their testimonials.

  • I was in the middle of preparing for a major presentation to a group of senior executives... I was having a great deal of difficulty getting my head cleared up so that I could focus on this important piece of work. I thought I'd give your massage technique a try, in part because I don't think it could do any harm. So I was quite unprepared for the impact it had on me. Specifically, there were two principal impacts: the first was that my body felt very relaxed and very together, so that I felt I became re-acquainted with it. The second, more significant impact, was that my mind suddenly became clearer than it had been in recent memory. Once I arrived home I found myself confronted with a flood of creative ideas for the presentation I was to make the following week. In fact, I now had more creative ideas than I knew what to do with. I might add that I subsequently made this presentation and that it went extremely well.
    Information Technology Executive
  • I am a busy attorney with a stressful law practice. A few years ago, I scheduled a session with Adele, and I have been a regular client ever since. I cannot explain how she does it, but Adele seems to have an intuitive sense for what my body and spirit need. Her hands work magic, and when I leave my sessions with her, I feel incredibly relaxed, almost like I am floating on air. Her therapy also helps to rejuvenate me mentally, and enables me to calmly address thorny problems that may be troubling me at work. In short, I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly skilled practitioner of therapeutic massage.
  • Recently, I went to Chicago to spend some time at the Art Institute. Since it looked as though I would have tome extra time, I thought I might check the web to see if I could get a massage in the general neighborhood of the Art Institute. I came across Adele's website and was very impressed by what I read. I gave her a call and scheduled an appointment. I honestly have to say that the experience exceeded my expectations. I was able to relax and feel comfortable with Adele immediately. Whatever tension remained from the train ride melted away in minutes. And the painful trouble spots in my back, knees and shoulders soon began to experience much-needed relief. The entire time, Adele was focused on my comfort and my needs, unlike so many other massage therapists who seem to be merely going through the motions. She was totally present, not aloof or distant. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to my visit to Chicago so I can once again experience Adele's healing touch.
  • I have been a very satisfied client of Adele's for the past several years, and her bi-weekly therapeutic massages have improved my physical condition immeasurably. My osteopath... and my regular physician have both determined that it is essential that I continue having regular treatments from Adele to maintain the therapeutic benefits she has activated.
    Osteopathic Patient
  • Ms. Adele Vydra has given me many sessions of massage therapy. I found her to be a very helpful therapist. She has been delicately tuned to my different body tension problems at the various sessions and she skilfully adapted her different therapeutic techniques to my needs. She has been helpful in releasing body tension which resulted in body, psychological and emotional relaxation. I found her to be skillfully adaptable to both emergency and routine body tension therapeutic needs. Ms. Vydra conducts her therapeutic sessions in a highly professional and ethical standard.
  • I visited the office of Ms. Adele Vydra... during my recent visit to Chicago, and I was very much impressed with her professionalism and efficiency. The various types of therapeutic massage which incorporate, with commendable eclecticism and open-mindedness, the principles of American as well as Swedish and even Chinese techniques (such as those of Jun Shin Do) appear well suited for various types of therapy and also general stress management. I am, of course, no specialist in the area, but I can attest that the therapeutic technique compared, to my mind, very favorably with those of some sanatoriums in Vichy, France, where I was a patient some years ago. The professionalism of Ms. Vydra is enhanced by her most pleasant and sympathetic personal manner, a quality most important in any medical or paramedical procedure.
    University Department Head
  • Let me express to you some feelings concerning the talents of Adele Vydra. She has assisted in calming and changing my behavior under great stress and anxiety to calm and tranquility. I could not recommend her more highly to people who are under stress and/or who have diminished thereby the ability to think creatively and get back into their own body, and who they are.
  • I work as a full-time vocalist, and as such frequently deal with the body tension associated with a high-energy rehearsal and stage career. Sessions with Ms. Vydra have proved very useful, both in minimizing tension preceding a concert, and relaxing muscles after a long day's work. She is a thorough and experienced practitioner, who demonstrates an attentive attitude towards her work and clientele. Ms. Vydra is very cooperative and reliable, and honest and businesslike woman. At the same time, her usually positive manner makes her a very pleasant person with whom to deal. I wholeheartedly recommend her, both to businesses and to other individuals who appreciate the connection between a healthy, tension-free body and a successful professional life.
    Professional Entertainer
  • For almost ten years, I have had the pleasure of receiving massages from Adele. She is a wonderful massage therapist whose professional involvement with the client transcends the physical. Her spiritual attitude is projected in such a way as to make the client feel a special healing power. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants a wonderful experience with a first-rate massage therapist.
    Symphonic Orchestra Director